The Bush's have nothing on Mike and Tom Bailey.  
The 18th annual Northampton Croquet Club Tournament was Won by Tom Bailey. The fabled cock was presented by his son, the 2018 Champion, Mike Bailey. Back to back Bailey ! 
Thirty five members played in soggy, drizzly, rainy but bearable conditions. Eight past champions participated with two advancing to the championship game. Pat Carroll and Jim Cain were both seeking 2nd championships but had no luck bettering Tom who broke away from the "pack" on the return leg to the final post. The "pack" contained veteran John Sartorius, new members Lori Connelly with the attack of the neighbors, Greg and Genny Boardman.  It should be noted Tom qualified for the championship by winning in the 2nd place game.
The Archie Peck was awarded to Mary Grimes for her contribution to the festivities, heading up the Long Island contingent. Mary previously received the Archie at the 13th annual meeting.
This years tournament will be remembered in the similarity of the George Bush father and George Bush son accomplishment. Tom and Mike just did it out of order.
In a break from tradition the NCC scheduling department will release the date for 2020 in the next week. This will be the 19th annual.  Best guess for approval by the board is February 22, 2020






*3 pots $$  36,36,24 for Left Right Center - Ed, Patty and Mary
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