2017 History was made!

10:35 PM Saturday February 25 , 2017


History was made by Ed Womer becoming the first 3 time NCC cock holder.

The championship round was filled with past champions and talented opponents who dominated their qualifying rounds. McIntosh took an early lead and only needed to hit the final post when Ed streaked out from the middle of the pack with another memorable "run" from the back of the course to final post.

Is Ed Womer to Croquet what "the great one" Wayne Gretzky is to hockey?  If there was a Northampton Croquet Club Hall Of Fame the first inductee would have to be the 3 time "Holder" Ed Womer. 


Congratulations to all the players who qualified for the Championship Round out the field of 32 players -  Bob Tramo - B McIntosh - Phil Fowler - Bill Roche - Fred Gilmartin -Caroline Chandik 

  • Vince Mulry is this years recipient of the "Archie" for spirit /sportsmanship and paying his club dues on time.
  • Left Right Center frenzy was swept by the Baileys  ... first game by Wendy, then game 2 by Tom filling in for Gerry.
All is well and stay tuned for web site update for full event coverage and closing of the "accident" investigation.
NCC Media Department