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The winner of the 15th Annual Northampton Croquet Club Tournament and holder of the cock for 2016 is Phil Fowler. He dominated the championship game with time to down a couple hockey sodas as he lingered at the final wicket waiting for a challenger.  Phil qualified for the Championship as the winner of the 2nd chance match joining the winners of the qualifying games. Long time members Bill Roche, Jon Roylance and Timmmmy Remmers made the final along with Brad Kramer and Liz Luppino-two new players to the Championship round. The players enjoyed spring like conditions for 2016 on a dry, snow-less course in a tournament that concluded in record time.


The conditions were most unusual for the 15th annual event leading to speculation that next year's tournament date will return to February.


Liz Luppino is the winner of the Cockette for 2016.. Her dominating performance in first round play and Championship was memorable, causing a stir with many of the long time members.

Jon Roylance is this years recipient of the Archie Peck Award for spirit and sportsmanship.   How many times can you make the final and lose, then return year after year ... and use a ceramic mallet held together with duct tape?


*Uncle Tony has assured the NCC the Pepperidge Farm sponsorship will continue beyond his retirement from the company.
* Re-organization of tournament awards will be taking place in advance of the 2017 annual meeting. 
* Record pots$$  for Left Right Center
* Winners of LRC -- Anne -Sam - Joanne and of course Phil Fowler ( must have been his night! )
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